4 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Venue

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How has everyone’s wedding planning been going in the past week?

I recently read a few articles on making a wedding more affordable that I would love to share with you guys.


As I was reading these articles, I realized that they each had a suggestion that involved saving money by giving a little thought to the wedding venue.

Last week, I wrote about how planning your wedding at the right time can lead to significant savings. This week, I would like to highlight how choosing the right venue can help save your wedding budget.

According to costofwedding.com, Venue, Catering and Rentals take up the largest chunk in a wedding budget with a national average of $11,944. Let’s explore some ideas on how we can do better than the average.

Have A Park or Beach Wedding

Loverly’s article recommended holding the wedding ceremony at a public venue, like a park or a beach, as you can book it by the hour (or for free) before moving on to your favorite restaurant.

Positive Life Magazine also helpfully pointed out that holding a wedding at such venues require fewer decorations as they already have their own ambience. You would already be surrounded by greenery, flowers, or blue seas.

Have A Home Wedding

It is understandable that a young couple is probably not in a position to own their own beautiful home, but what about their friends or family?

Having a beautiful home, backyard or farm wedding could mean substantial savings. As DIY Weddings Magazine points out, you will need to spend on things like sound systems (or portable toilets); however, it could still end up costing less than a venue rental.

Choose A BYOB Venue

Many venues include an open bar. This is usually more expensive as they tend to tack on their own markups for supplying the service.

Do consider a wedding venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol. This way, you can purchase in bulk from wholesale suppliers.

Share A Venue

Check websites and forums for other couples in your area who are planning a wedding on the same day/weekend.

Why? SouthernWeddings.com creatively suggested booking venues, tents, or drapings for a full day or weekend and then splitting the cost between the two couples.

It is certainly an unconventional cost-saving method, but the idea does have its merits.


Choosing a non-traditional venue is a great way to find potential savings.

However, we do recommend that you compare the costs of renting ‘extras’ (tables, chairs, etc) against the rental cost of an actual venue. There is always a chance the venue gives you a steep discount and ends up being a better bargain.

Sharing major wedding expenses with other couples is also an innovative idea. There have been huge successes in car-sharing and apartment-sharing. Why not venue-sharing?


This is just a small portion of what I gleaned from this week’s articles. Follow the links to read the original posts.

Did you have a wedding at a non-traditional venue? Share your story with us in the comment section below!

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