Learn To Filter Advice and Cut Out That Open Bar

Hi everyone,

I read a few great articles this week that I would love to share with you.

Advice: Pick And Choose What Works For You

My favorite article of the week was possibly Stephanie Weers’ article on Style Me Pretty. Captivatingly entitled Real Brides Reveal “The Worst Planning Advice I Received”, the article contains stories of brides revealing pieces of advice that they ended up ignoring for the better.

Everyone on the wedding planning path knows all about receiving unsolicited advice when it comes to wedding planning and marriage. What you need to remember is that you are not them. Just because they felt their wedding could have been improved by doing something (or not doing something) doesn’t mean that it will improve yours.

The article is a good reminder not to let yourself succumb to wedding advice that goes against your desires and personality.

Beverages: An Open Bar Is Not An Obligation

Rubyzuu shared an article on How To: Save Money On Your Wedding this week. Some of her tips are oldies-but-goodies that I’ve covered in previous articles, but they are still gold for those looking to plan an affordable wedding.

One new tip she highlighted was the idea of letting your guests pay for their own booze. I think this is a wonderful idea. Many couples feel obligated to provide their guests with alcohol, but they need to remember that this is not a strict rule.

While it is true that they have come out to celebrate your new marriage, your friends and family should not be looking at your wedding as a free bar.

Band: Less Can Sometimes Be More

I Do Take Two had a great article with tips on saving money when booking a band.

It was a good read with some practical-but-often-overlooked advice. Fewer members can equal to lower costs. Hiring a wedding band means that you are the one to foot for their food and transport costs.

It seems like incredibly obvious advice, but you would be surprised how often this doesn’t factor into a decision.

The Wedding Day: Take Two

Do you remember the Kenyan couple that had their wedding on just $1 that I mentioned in a previous article earlier this month? Well, it seems their viral story hit the hearts of some readers.

On Valentine’s Day, they had the opportunity to renew their vows thanks to some gold-hearted romantic well-wishers.

Don’t you just love it when the world unites in good-will?


How do you like this week’s roundup of articles? Did you read any interesting articles on your journey to a memorable & affordable wedding day? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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