Hot Wedding Trends For 2017 – The Affordable Version

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The Knot has released the 2016 results of their yearly survey of average wedding costs. Guess what? The national average cost of a 2016 wedding has risen $2,688 more than 2015’s average wedding to a stunning $35,329!

One interesting thing noted in The Knot’s article is that although the costs have risen, the guest list has shrunk. This means that people are spending more per guest.

I took at peek at their list of 2017 wedding trends and suddenly realized why couples are spending more than ever. It is easy to see how a budget can get out of control if trying to incorporate any of these trends into a wedding.

I decided to re-list some of their latest trends… with an affordable twist.

Unique Invitations

The most inexpensive way to send invitations to do it online. However, if you are still gung-ho about sending invitations via snail mail, Lauren Conrad’s article 5 More Tips for the Bride on a Budget recommends downloading a wedding invitation template to print at home. There are countless templates available online and you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

The Gift Lounge

This is essentially gathering all your wedding favors in one area for people to pick up themselves. Wedding favors aren’t a necessity in modern weddings. An alternative to this would be to set up a dessert or snack area and allow your guests to take some tidbits away with them.

Asking For What You Really Want

If you don’t want a new china set, don’t register for a new china set. There is no reason you can’t ask for what you really want. Your friends will probably even be happier knowing they got you something you truly want. As advised in Imagine Good Living’s latest article, just make sure you don’t rely on what you hope to receive to justify an increase in your budget.

Metallic Dresses and Breezy Silhouettes

Courtney’s article 19 Ways To Save On A Wedding recommends checking out prom shops for wedding gowns. If you are planning to join this trend, a prom shop is a fantastic place to look for dress options.

Color Comeback

Pops of color are making a comeback. Nicholas’ recent article on Money Saving Wedding Tips had the brilliant idea of using silk flowers as inexpensive alternatives to live flowers. This is a fantastic way to add bursts of color. Not only can they be bought in bulk, they also never wilt or die. Also ask around; you might find someone who has a stockpile that you can borrow.

Going Green

The best way to get some greenery in your wedding is to select a venue that comes with plenty of greenery. Louise and Tom held a farmhouse wedding and their photos feature plenty of shots in beautiful fields of wheat. Other affordable venue ideas include parks and beaches.

Grand Getaways

The Knot’s website suggests exits on the back of a motorcycle, a horse-drawn carriage or a helicopter. Unless you know someone with these items, it is unlikely these will be affordable options. Sparkler send-offs are still great exits and look wonderful in photos. Photography With Heart’s recent article also recommends ribbon wands and releasing butterflies as unique wedding exits.

A Movable Feast

I love that this is a trend as renting a food truck as an alternative to traditional catering can lead to major cost savings. According to Kim Carpenter’s article on Omaha World-Herald, renting a food truck can cost just $300 to $500 for two hours. One wedding couple spent just $7.50 per guest!

Games Galore

Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, they might also end up saving you an hour or two that might have been spent on professional entertainers. Kelsey Borresen has a great list on Huffington Post on 21 Awesome Wedding Games The Will Keep The Party Going.

Fun Food Presentations

Misti and Brandon recently invited 300 guests to their wedding and spent just $6,700. Their biggest save was because they did not cater a meal for 300 people. Instead, they set out a table of food inspired by their shared love of the cinema. They had popcorn and cinema treats for food and hung movie posters with their faces photoshopped onto the posters.

Exceptional Entertainment

You don’t need to hire the Cirque du Soleil troupe to provide your guests with unique entertainment. Lauren and Aaron hired a traditional ceilidh band to play at their reception that kept their guests dancing for hours.

Dangling Décor

Melissa and Alex’s reception featured a beautiful display of 600 origami fish and dreamcatchers that hung around the ceiling and trees, giving their reception bright pops of color. The best thing about it? Melissa and her bridesmaids made it all themselves!


So what do you think of this remix? Can you think of more affordable ways to have a trendy wedding? If so, let us know in the comments below!



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