Setting Your Wedding’s Tone On A Budget

Hi everyone,

Is it another week closer to your wedding? Perhaps you are having a Christmas-themed wedding?

In light of the season and all the great decorations around, I would like to talk about wedding décor.


Wedding décor very rarely sits high on the list of priorities in a wedding budget. Yet, one cannot deny that a nicely decorated wedding sets a great tone and atmosphere for the event.

Fortunately, a little elbow grease and a bit of time can save you a lot of money in wedding decorating.

Save Money By DIY-ing

As mentioned in Bride America’s latest blog post, a bride once spent just $40 by making table centerpieces by hand. The amount would have been anywhere from two to ten times more expensive if she had purchased them instead.

Make Your Own Signs

Jean’s latest article on Weddings From The Heart about 11 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding That Actually Work starts off with advice on using a single beautiful sign rather than individual programs or menu cards.

I fully agree that using one big sign will save money. I would also go a step further and say that a big pretty sign has more decorative impact compared to placing individual papers or cards at each table. In fact, The Budget Savvy Bride has a great post on how you can easily make your own calligraphed sign (for those who aren’t blessed with great cursive writing skills). They did it for the seating chart, but you can do the same for the menu and program as well.

Buy Bulk. Use Candles. Showpiece Your Childhood Photos.

Bodas y Weddings had an article on 19 Irresistible and Original Wedding Ideas where they shared some wonderful ideas for wedding décor.

If you have stairs or a walkway at your wedding, line them with some cheap candles or tea lights. The glittering effect is undeniably romantic. I also liked their idea of using your childhood photos as table decoration. Your guests are bound to get a huge kick out of seeing you and your other half as little kids or as a young couple just falling in love.

Use The Season To Your Advantage

Also, don’t be afraid to take advantage of pre-existing seasonal decorations.

If you are having a December wedding, then use those Christmas decorations to the fullest like Hayley & Nathan’s elegant wedding. Christmas was not the main theme of their wedding, but you can see the occasional Christmas tree or boughs and wreaths dressed with bright red bows that added a bit of sparkle and color to the day.

A Story of Giving

Finally, to end on a positive note, I’d like to share this recent and touching story of a wealthy businessman and his daughter who put her wedding budget of about $100,000 towards building 90 houses for the homeless. The young couple still had their (toned down) wedding and after the ceremony, they handed out the keys to the new homeowners.

What a beautiful way of making their wedding memorable! I am sure every guest and new homeowner will remember their wedding with positive thoughts for a good long time.


Do you have some great ideas for wedding decorations? If so, we would love to hear them!

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