Are You Overspending By Planning A Big Wedding At The Wrong Time?


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This week, I read a couple of great articles with fantastic suggestions on where you can find big savings for your wedding budget.

Saving Money On The Essentials

Hazeltine National’s 6 Essential Money-Saving Wedding Tips to Stretch Your Budget brought up some excellent proposals to cut your wedding costs.

There are two big areas to look at for a more affordable wedding: Timing and Guests Lists.

Wedding costs are intricately linked with wedding timing. So, It is no wonder that wedding date & time selection features three times in their list.

At the very top, they ask you to consider having your wedding in the off-peak seasons of fall and winter. In third spot, they recommend that you skip the Saturday wedding and go for Sunday or Friday night. Item number four brings up the possibility of holding a wedding brunch or lunch instead of the traditional dinner.

Keep an open mind on those off-peak periods and you could potentially save thousands.

They also recommended keeping the guest list small. It is a harsh but undeniable fact that a bigger guest list means a more expensive and complicated wedding. Large weddings equal to larger venues, more food and drink, assisting and entertaining more out-of-town guests, and dealing with more logistical headaches.

Work with a smaller guest list and save yourself not just money but a ton of effort.

How They Splurge & Save In The South

This week, SouthernLiving published Wedding Costs: Where to Splurge and Ways to Save.

There were some overlaps with the tips from Hazeltine National, but that just goes to show how effective those tips are.

SouthernLiving encourages you to select an off-peak date and keep your guest list tight as well. One subtle difference is that, in the south, summer is an off-peak wedding season.

Another way to cut costs is in the wedding dress. When it comes to The Dress, I think every bride faces the same dilemma. On one hand, you tell yourself, “it’s just a dress.” On the other hand, it is your wedding dress.

Did you know that there are online platforms for people to sell their old wedding dresses? Well, there are.

You can buy a second-hand dress pretty cheaply and bring it to a seamstress for a custom-tailored fit. If you are adamant about wearing a new dress, you can also buy a new one and then sell it on those same websites to get some money back.

Music seems to come down on both sides of the fence in this article. First, they recommend opting for live entertainment; but then, they ask you to just plug your iPod in for the ceremony music. Keep in mind: This article was written for SouthernLiving; they do love their live bands down south.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If music is a huge part of your life, a wedding band or DJ might be a consideration. If not (or if you already have the best ever selection of songs), making your own playlist could yield some major savings.

How Do You Like This Week’s Roundup?

Did planning your wedding during an off-peak period help you make significant savings? Do you have a story to tell about your second-hand wedding dress? Tell us about it in our comment section!

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