How To Stop Your Wedding Menu From Being A Monkey On Your Back

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Welcome to my roundup of the internet’s latest articles on affordable weddings. I found some great articles to share with you this week.


Today, let’s talk wedding food.

Based on The Knot’s 2015 survey, the average price per person for wedding catering is $68. The wedding cake comes in at an average of $575.

This means that even if you decide to have a small wedding with no more than ten guests, you can still expect to spend over $1,200 just on the food. How crazy is that?

No Need To Go Gourmet

Unless you and your close friends and relatives are major foodies, it is unlikely that your wedding guests will retain detailed memories of the food served at your reception. Most of the time, people end up generalizing the entire meal with a simple “the food was good.” Gee, thanks. I’m glad I spent a couple grand for that rave review.

Lisa Sokolowski’s post on A Bride on a Budget captioned it perfectly when she mentioned that, in the end, no one ever really remembers whether they had a garden or a Caesar salad at a wedding. As long as your wedding food didn’t result in a case of food poisoning (which is a pretty extreme way of making your wedding memorable), most people are happy just being fed.

So, don’t let the catering become a bank-breaking stress-inducing monster. There is nothing wrong with serving simpler foods if that is what you like and what will save you some cash.

Traditional Wedding Cakes Are Kinda Passé

Gone are the days where a multi-tiered, fondant-covered sugar-bomb was a must-have at any respectable wedding.

A growing number of couples are doing away with wedding cakes altogether. James & Karla had their wedding in Portugal and served Portuguese Pastel de Nata instead. Shawndy & Kiley served mini-pies, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. Oh, you’re serving wedding brownies? Two for me, please!

Of course, if a wedding cake always featured in your dream wedding, then 1websdirectory’s latest article on planning a wedding on a budget has some great tips so that you can afford that five-tier dream-come-true. You could cut down on the sides served. Perhaps even make your own sides and save on the catering costs. You also could use craftily-designed cardboard cakes for the upper layers.

Also, as Bridal Guide pointed out in their article about some sneaky wedding costs, some venues charge a hidden cost for cake cutting fees. So, be sure to ask about that before committing to a venue.

Alcohol is Spendy

A wedding without any alcohol at all might garner some raised eyebrows from your guests; however, there are still some alternatives to consider.

House of Bride’s article this week suggested forgoing the expensive champagne for the wedding toast. If you have to have it, you could go for a cheaper brand or substitute it with some sparkling wine instead.

House of Bride also advises to limit the selection at the bar to one or two cocktails, a hard liquor, and a couple of options for beer and wine.

Do some research so that the spirit used in all the cocktails will all be the same. Then, use that same spirit as your hard liquor option as well. This way, you don’t need to buy a variety of liquors; you won’t be left with a bunch of leftover bottles and you might get a bulk discount on purchase.

Don’t be afraid to offer more non-alcoholic options either. Could you perhaps make iced lemonade and apple cider work in your wedding meal?



Do you have a story on when it came time to plan your wedding’s catering, cake, or drinks? If so, do share it with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear your story!

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