What You Can Do For Wedding Favors

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This week, let’s talk wedding favors. Affordable wedding favors might not single-handedly save a bleeding budget, but it is one of the easiest parts of a wedding to find and implement cost-saving ideas.


I read an interesting article on dealspotr.com. They had several tips on saving some money when planning a wedding, but the part that I found fascinating was their brief history of wedding favors.

Brief History of Wedding Favors

The tradition of wedding favors started centuries ago when European aristocrats gave their guests small gifts called bonbonniere as a way of showing their gratitude. Traditionally, bonbonnieres were sugary confections. Back then, sugar symbolized wealth; so, we’re talking a time waaaay back when sugar was a luxury import item.

The tradition is still going strong in the English-speaking world under the name of ‘wedding favors’ and they are no longer limited to sugar cubes or candy-coated almonds.

In fact, there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to wedding favors!

To Favor or Not To Favor

The first question you should ask yourself: Do I truly need wedding favors?

Out of all the aspects of a wedding, a wedding favor is oftentimes one thing that can easily be cut out. It is rarely a necessary wedding feature.

Guests rarely notice if they do not get a wedding favor at the end of the celebration. Some people might even be grateful that they do not have to bring home additional clutter. Really grateful. I still have a single drink coaster imprinted with my brother’s wedding date. It clashes with my other coasters but I feel bad throwing away a “gift from my brother” so it has been sitting in a drawer for years and years. Perhaps I can re-gift it back to my brother in 45 years for his Golden Anniversary.

Unless you come from a culture where bonbonnieres are still a big thing, don’t feel bad skipping out on wedding favors.

Two Birds, One Stone

Foundation For Family Affairs had a marvelous suggestion in their article 10 Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding. They suggested making your wedding favor double up as table décor. If you write each guest’s name on a card and insert them into a photo frame, you can cross off place setting as well as wedding favors in one go. How’s that for an efficient idea?

His & Hers

Rock My Wedding did a feature on Annabel & Mike’s wedding. In the article, Annabel shared her fantastic idea of having two wedding favors – one for the men and one for the women. The wedding favors for the female guests came in the form of homemade scented candles. Her friend helped with the candle and scent and Annabel spray painted some industrial tins to serve as candle holders. For the men, she handmade some silk pocket squares.

Keep Things Seasonal

Everything Finance’s blog post on 7 Reasons a Winter Wedding is More Frugal advises you to use the seasons to your advantage. If you are planning a winter wedding, create scented pine cone fire started or knit some personalized gloves for your guests (although, I would think twice about the glove-knitting idea if you have a guest list of 150).

Do It Yourself

Green Wedding Shoes had a wonderful article for making your own Hot Chocolate Spoons as wedding favors. This is a fun favor for a fall or winter wedding. It is super easy to do and definitely in keeping with the season. Even the most basic of web searches can yield tremendous results when searching for DIY wedding favor ideas. A little research and some elbow grease gets you another step closer to an affordable wedding.

Find Cheap Alternatives

There are those who do not have the time to make their own wedding favors but still want something with a more personal, unique or vintage feel. Fortunately, there are websites like Etsy for this sub-group of brides.


Do you have any great ideas to share on wedding favors? If so, do share it with us in the comments!

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