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I found some great articles to share this week, including a couple who managed to plan an intimate cabin wedding for under $5,000 and another couple that saved $2,500 simply by picking a less popular day for their wedding. I also read some great tips on saving while still pulling off your stylish dream wedding.

Keeping It Simple and Intimate

First up is the story of Julie and Ward’s cabin wedding on They threw a beautifully rustic fall wedding for under $5,000!

Holding their wedding at a countryside inn enabled them greater leeway when it came to decorations. They scoured their families’ homes for heirlooms to display and created their own decorations using burlap, silk flowers, mason jars, and twine – all items that probably won’t fit if you are planning a sleek contemporary wedding; but are perfect if you are aiming for a quaint countryside wedding.

In keeping with the intimacy of their wedding, they also kept the guest list short with only about 60 guests. A small wedding venue dictates the number of people you can invite. It also goes a long way in reducing costs (and is the perfect excuse to give Jane from accounting when she asks why she wasn’t invited).

The biggest splurge they had was on their wedding photographer. A third of their entire budget went into hiring a fantastic photographer. Based on the photos featured, I would say that it was well worth the splurge.

Holding It On Weekdays And Limiting Your Guest List

Next came the story of a couple in the UK who managed to shave off a whopping £2,000 (about $2,500) from their wedding costs.

The venue is the priciest expense of any wedding. It doesn’t help that weekends tend to be way more expensive compared to weekdays. This couple managed to save almost $2,500 by holding their wedding on a Friday.

A major downside to weekday weddings is that it is harder for people to attend due to work and family commitments. Our couple worked around this by sending out invitations far in advance so that their friends and family could plan their schedules accordingly.

They also made the decision not to invite any children. It was a difficult decision to make but, in the end, they were happy with their choice. Besides saving money from the smaller guest list, they also felt that it gave their friends a chance to let their hair down and have a ‘grown ups only’ party.

Turning Affordable Into Stylish

Finally, gave some awesome tips on bringing a little affordable style to your wedding.

I will grant you that their first few tips feel more like advertising with all the shop names they are dropping; but, the second half of the list has some really usable ideas.

For instance: buying decorations from Christmas sales. I know, I know. My first reaction was “whaaat…?” too. But then I realized that they might be onto something there. Christmas sales are perfect if you are looking to hang fairy lights. Candles and photo frames can be gotten pretty cheaply at Christmas sales too. If your wedding venue is indoors, they sell tons of glass ornaments to hang from the ceiling.

A little pre-planning, flexibility, and creative shopping could help save quite a bit in your upcoming wedding.


So what did you think of this week’s articles? Let us know in the comment section if you managed to use (or are planning to use) any of these suggestions in your own wedding. I’d love to hear how it turned out for you!

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